Korea’s representative red ginseng, Cheong-Kwan-Jang Red Ginseng

SPA 1899 Multi Care

Our package programs are customized to provide the most appropriate treatments for you.

Multi Care

SPA 1899 multi-care packages deliver the concentrated energy of “One Drop per Root” Red Ginseng Oil to the entire body. These balanced treatments combine both facial and body care for a fully-rejuvenating experience.

Slow-Aging (1899 Line + Power Repair Line) *Signature Program

Signature treatments at SPA 1899 deliver the power of Red Ginseng for a complete anti-aging experience. Ideal for dry, mature skin.
The combination of DONGINBI's 1899 Signature and Power Repair Lines work together to combat the signs of aging leaving it firmer and visibly renewed.
SPA 1899's unique dry and oil massage therapy techniques deliver these powerful anti-aging effects to the entire body for a sense of well-being and calm.

Purifying (Defense Line)

Detoxifying Red Ginseng treatments to strengthen skin’s natural defense properties and protect against environmental damage and pollution. Ideal for rejuvenating damaged or dull skin.
Improves the skin’s natural defense mechanisms through the regenerative benefits of DONGINBI’s Defense Line. A combination of Red Ginseng with SPA 1899's pumping therapy encourages the elimination of toxins from the body by maximizing the circulation of lymph nodes.


AFacial + Upper Body

120min, 250,000won


BFacial + Full Body

150min, 300,000won

Balancing (Moisture Line)

Harmonizing treatmentsthat deliver Red Ginseng Condensate to skin for a healthy, luminous look. Ideal for sensitive, aging and acne-prone skin.
In addition to the high moisturizing effect of Yoon Line that keeps water and oil balance and elasticity, it is also effective improve the skin vitality and gloss from head to toe thanks to the combination of joint treatment technique and scalp therapy of SPA 1899 DONGINBI that helps you balance the body.

※ All prices are inclusive of 10% Tax.


SPA 1899 takes advance reservations.
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